Linda M. Rodriguez (NYU) on Mapping Havana Using Thinglink

Linda M. Rodriguez, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History at New York University, has posted a terrific write-up of using the tool Thinglink to map colonial Havana.

From her blog:

Initially, I wanted to use the map to help me think through urban space for an article I am writing. The article focuses on a 1791 lawsuit against a merchant of paint and hardware, and it references the three stores he operated within the walled city. Now that I’ve found their approximate locations, I want to be able to discuss them in relationship to nearby buildings and landmarks. [. . .] So as I experiment with digital humanities tools, I’m giving Thinglink a try as a way to annotate the 1798 map. Created by Jose del Río, a captain in the Spanish Royal Navy, the map depicts the coastline around Havana, the entrance to the bay, and the walled city.

Thinglink allows users to add pins and descriptions to images of archival maps, or any other image or video. There is a free version available for students and educators.


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