Welcome to all our New Virtual Partners

We want to extend a welcome to all of our virtual partners for the upcoming event “What Is a Dissertation? New Models, Methods, Media”:

We will also have virtual participants from Uruguay and Australia.

Are you interested in joining us?

You can livestream the event from any computer on October 10, between 4pm and 5.30pm.

The event will also be live tweeted via hashtag #remixthediss. The conversation is already happening. Join in!



4:00–4:10 EST Intros, set up, settling down
Chair: Cathy N. Davidson, Distinguished Professor and Director, Futures Initiative and HASTAC@CUNY
4:10–5:00 EST Each panelist speaks for 5-10 minutes

Each panelist will feature:

  • non-text-based components of the dissertation
  • what he/she was able to accomplish by going beyond the conventional dissertation format
  • what tools or media were chosen and for what purpose, with what result and success
  • KEY: what institutional rules either allowed or had to be changed to permit the acceptance/completion of the dissertation.
  • lessons learned: how this dissertation and the institutional decisions can serve as a model to others
5:00–5:15 EST Think-Pair-Share Exercise
Audience at the GC and virtually will be invited to engage in a Think-Pair-Share exercise: “What are your three most pressing questions for the panelists?” The most pressing questions from those onsite and online can be entered into the Google Doc:
5:15–5:30 EST Q and A
Including via Tweets from virtual participants using the hashtag #remixthediss
  • Panelists will be asked to take 20 minutes to write answers to as many of the questions on the Google Doc as possible.
  • Virtual Partners will be invited to add the contents of their event–questions, comments, details, to the online documents.
  • Futures Initiative Fellows and Digital Humanities Fellows will create a #Remixthediss website for the project, including video of the event, the Google Doc Q and A, visuals provided by the panelists, and other materials.




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