Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson will be Keynote Speaker at 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference


The 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference will be taking place on December 4th and 5th at John Jay College this year. Cathy Davidson, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Futures Initiative, will be giving the Opening Keynote at 3:30pm on December 4th. See the full program here.


CUNY IT Conference 2014


Change is the new constant, but some (big) changes are more like shifts: shifts in practice and perspective; generational shifts; shifts in procedure and position; even tectonic shifts. The City University of New York’s 13th Annual IT Conference will sum up some shifts that our many changes add up to. What shifts are taking place in the core enterprises of teaching, learning and research? In what ways has our functioning as a university system changed? Which changes portend more change, or more effective ways of effecting it?

As has been the case since its inception, this NO COST conference will be held at John Jay College, offering overviews of the university’s key IT initiatives, discussions of how technology continues to affect teaching, scholarship and administration, the 2nd Annual CUNY Excellence in Technology Awards and a chance to meet with exhibitors and partners in the exhibit hall.

We look forward to seeing you in December!

– CUNY IT Advisory Board


Opening Keynote:


Cathy Davidson headshotCathy N. Davidson

Distinguished Professor, PhD Program in English / Director, The Futures Initiative, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Shifting the Paradigm for Higher Education

In Shifting the Paradigm for Higher Education, leading educational innovator Cathy N. Davidson argues that it is time to reconsider the Industrial Age origins of our system of higher education and to begin to envision new forms of peer learning and collaborative leadership that work better for the world we live in now. She argues that, as educators, we can begin, today, to shift the paradigms for learning in our own classrooms. By modeling new modes of thinking, we can prepare our students for the digital world and workplace, and inspire the crucial process of institutional transformation.

Second Day Keynote:


Gardner Campbell headshot

Gardner Campbell

Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success / Associate Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University

This One Goes Up To Meta”: Curriculum and Understanding in the Digital Age

Universities offer not just information, and not just instruction, but programs of study. We call these programs “curriculum,” and the degrees we confer recognize successful completion of these programs. Curriculum thus represents one of the primary advantages universities present learners, as well as a uniquely powerful opportunity for universities in the digital age, particularly in undergraduate education. Yet, a number of practices and unexamined assumptions block progress and meaningful innovation in the area of curriculum. Unless we think seriously and anew about curriculum in terms of not only content and sequence, but also in terms of the idea of understanding, we will continue to use digital technologies primarily to reinforce regressive, industrial-age approaches to higher education.


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