What Are We Missing in Higher Ed and How Can We Change It–Today?: Podcast

Bonni Stachoiwiak did a great job interviewing me and editing this podcast on “Teaching in Higher Ed,” “How To See What We’re Missing in Higher Ed“:

Follow here on Twitter:  Bonni Stachowiak @bonni208:  Thanks so much, Bonni.  It was great talking to you–and I love your blog and podcasts.

“How to see what we’ve been missing in #highered” w/@CathyNDavidson #podcast #profchat

Punchline:  On higher education: “Most of the apparatus of our higher educational system was developed between 1865 and 1925, for the industrial era of the telegraph and the Model T. We now live in a world where anyone who has an idea can communicate that to anyone else with an Internet connection–without an editor, without a pause button. We have astonishing new capacities . . . and a very old educational system. Here are easy, simple ways we can improve it. Today.”

Punchline:  On attention blindness: “. . . Sadly, we all find gorillas in our lives. They usually come through tragedy . . . We have all had those moments when there’s a before and an after in your life when the world looks different. The world was not different. What changed was your ability to see a world that you didn’t have to see when you were privileged not to . . . when you thought the world only had basketball tosses in it. It wasn’t that the gorilla didn’t exist; it was that you didn’t see it.”



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