Video Posted from Mapping The Futures of Higher Education Session 2 – Feb. 10, 2015

On February 10, 2015 we opened the second session of Mapping the Futures of Higher Education with a discussion and Q&A session on William Kelly’s “Forgotten Alternatives” and Cathy Davidson’s “Changing Higher Ed from the Classroom Up”

Highlights form the discussion:

  • Issue of preparation before students get to college—biggest indicator of whether they will graduate. CUNY schools provide underprepared students a big lift. Least prepared students are entering community colleges; student issues related to academic performance are often attributed to socioeconomic backgrounds and family dynamics more than ambition and intelligence. “Heartache and heartburn are far more distracting than e-mail.” Students have a different level of attention when issues are weighing on us…duress is documentable.
  • Preparation maps along economic lines may show differences in SES and academic performance.
  • Student debt crises is a national issues; it has kept people at all levels from participating in higher ed…carrying a student debt burden is difficult and not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  At CUNY more than 80% graduate debt free.
  • Our policies haven’t evolved to meet the realities of new life and work situations.

To hear the entire discussion and Q&A see our YouTube video of the event:


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