Getting the most out of CBOX: Controlling email notifications

Email notifications: Some people love them, others can’t stand them. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, CBOX makes it fairly easy to control how much email you receive from the system. Read the full instructions after the jump.


There are a couple of different places where you’ll want to check and adjust your notification settings. The first are central notifications. To see your current settings, sign into the site, hover over your name in the top right corner, then hover over Settings and click Email.


Screen Shot - Email Settings


You’ll be taken to a page that shows a list of your current settings for various types of activity that happens centrally on the site (that is, not within a particular group’s space). Toggle each item to Yes or No according to your preferences.


Screen Shot - Email Notification Options


Next, you’ll want to check the notification settings for your group. CBOX allows you to control notifications for each group independently, since you may have different needs for different groups. If your class has a group, you probably want to make sure you never miss a post. But you may also belong to groups where your involvement is more casual; in those cases, a daily or weekly digest may be sufficient. Or, you might prefer to check the site itself rather than receiving updates to your inbox. Whatever your preferences, you’ll want to start by logging in, then clicking Groups, then My Groups.



Screen Shot - Group Email Settings


To the right of each group name, you’ll see a little envelope with your current notification setting. Click Change next to the current setting and select your preferred option. They are listed from the lowest volume of notifications to the greatest: No Email, Weekly Summary, Daily Digest, New Topics, and All Email. For classes or active working groups, I recommend using Daily Digest or All Email so that you don’t miss anything important. You can change the settings for each of your groups from the same page, so it should be very quick to run through the list and customize your notifications according to your needs.



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