Enticements to join in the fun of “Mapping The Future”…

I have upped the ante to try to get 100% participation from my Anatomy class at Lehman and thought I’d share the contents of my email to the students:

Dear All,

Congrats to those of you who have logged on to the Mapping The Futures site. Many of you have yet to do so. The email with the instructions is included below.

As I spoke about in class, there will be a deadline for joining the group if you’d like to be eligible for the extra credit in the course. At the moment, the extra credit is that your lowest quiz will be changed to a 100. There will be an additional opportunity for extra credit offered after the midterm exam!

The deadline for joining the group will be Wednesday, March 10 at 12 midnight.

If you have not joined by then and blogged or commented on a post by then, you will not be eligible for the extra credit. There will be no exceptions to this deadline as you’ve already had 3 weeks to join.

Once you’ve joined… are required to comment on a minimum of one post each week for the rest of the semester. That comment must be a minimum of 50 words each time. No weekly posts, no extra credit, no exceptions.

Additionally, there will be a relatively simple mapping exercise that we will be doing as a class. You will also be required to participate in this mapping exercise. I can assure you that the total time spent on the Mapping the Futures site will be much less than it would have taken you to study to get a 100% on a quiz.

There will be no partial extra credit given for partial participation. This is an ALL-IN kind of deal. PLUS, it’s FUN!

We will review the contents of this email in class on Friday. Please save your questions for then.

Stay warm and dry! ~RL

During the class itself I added an additional incentive to get 100% participation. If every student in the class registers and blogs at least once by Wednesday night, 3/11 at midnight, I will promise that questions on the midterm exam will come ONLY from the previous quizzes and NOT from the entirety of the weekly worksheets. That caused some serious excitement and led one student to announce, “You guys, this is not a game anymore!” So far, an additional six students have signed on. Here’s hoping for 100% participation from A&P@Lehman!


The Futures Initiative
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309