My Style of Learning

It’s not a surprise that every one of us comes to learning in different ways. And whatever works well for one, doesn’t work at all for another. It happens, because we all have different learning styles and strategies.

As about me, I am mostly a verbal learner with elements of visual strategies. I perceive information better when it’s transmitted by means of words, especially by written language. I love to listen to professors talking about different topics and supporting their speech with real-life examples. This gives me some clues of discussed material and later on helps me to reproduce the given information. Some visual techniques such as short charts, diagrams and pictures I also find helpful to memorize information. But for better understanding they must be accompanied by a written explanation. Making notes of course material, writing summaries or outlines in my own words help a lot. This creates a frame of my knowledge on which later I impose additional information by reading.

Through my entire educational career I have noticed that I express myself the best when I am writing. This way I get better to convey my thoughts, views and opinions. And I like when the reader gives a feedback on my works, because it opens for me different sides of the problem, which I probably yet didn’t discuss or even think about. And I like constructive criticism, because I believe that well-written comments help you to improve your writing skills and develop critical thinking.

Also I believe that the extent of your success on a particular project depends not only on techniques that you use, but on the extent of your involvedness to the topic. If you are writing or participating in something that really excites you or to be a matter of your concern, you would definitely show better results than if it was something that you are not interested about.  That’s why it is very important every time when you are going to learn to choose something that you are passionate of or interested in.


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