Option 3 ) Why do I learn?

Hi. I guess throughout my life i always asked myself if school was always for me, and everyday I told myself .. nope. School in my opinion is something you have to have a drive for, Wake up early in the morning, get dress, do everything you have to do and still make it to school on time and than have to sit hours and hours listening to things you probably forget because lets be honest, in the morning you probably don’t remember your own name. At the end of my senior year, I started to like school a bit more. Although my goal is to be┬áneuropsychologist I still have a lot of other goals like becoming a NYPD officer. By the time I got to college although I still hate waking up early in the morning and coming to school, I do look forward to it a bit just because it’s always something new. There’s not one day in life you don’t learn something you didn’t know. Whether it’s something educational or something that has no relevance to the world what so ever, You still learn and maintain or choose to discard that information.

I remember back in junior high school, I was such a bad kid I misbehaved so much that the Dean of the school started calling my mother by her first name. That’s how much my mom got called from school. Ah such a good time it was actually really fun too be honest, Until i got home… Anyway I’ll never forget one day the Dean pulled me into her office and actually spoke to me about life and just the potential she saw in me. ” You have so much energy and the way you think is very unique yet you choose to act out in a negative way, You have no idea what you can do unless you try but I can tell you could accomplish so much if you chose to.” When she told me that, it honestly hit me in a way where I sat down and said.. Wow someone other than my family believes in me. GRANTED I still misbehaved because I mean come on I can’t just stop flat out , I had to work my way there. I did start to try and learn and improve myself more though, Just by going to school and studying sometimes, rarely, not very often. but you know here and there. Like I said though I still hated school till about senior year hah. Even though now I am not to fond of waking up early and traveling, wasting gas and money and tolls and all that amazing stuff. I would be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to what I’m going to learn next, I guess we’ll just find out!

Also, I learn because I like to learn new things, I never knew how to blog.. This was actually my first blog ever so I just had fun with it, and it’s pretty fun to just openly write about past experiences or something that has been bottled on your mind, It’s also cool to share my stories with you all and read yours so enjoy !


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