Why do I learn?

Education… behind this word is a powerful meaning that defines a process of receiving/giving organized instructions. Education requires a lot of hard work and it is definitely essential. Don’t get me wrong, It isn’t for everyone… some people enjoy it, others despises it. Without it, it is hard to know where you will stand throughout the rest of your life. As days go by, the world is getting much more difficult to live in. Economic changes are occurring, jobs are difficult to find and well… education is the one thing left that is the key to success…

My parent’s came from a poor country, they weren’t fortunate enough to attend school nor fortunate enough to have the opportunities we all have today. Back then, things were so hard all they ever knew was working and taking care of their siblings. My mom made it till High School but my grandparents couldn’t afford anything further then that. My dad stopped attending school a few years after he started. He had to work very hard to take care of his 9 siblings. My parent’s came to this country and worked their butts off in retail over 20 years, today my mom is still a merchandise in the retail store she works in. And as for my dad, the farthest he got was a sneaker store manager…

Why do I learn? 

Well, because I have this opportunity which my parents was deprived from. My parents give me everything I need and the only thing they’ve ever asked for in return was to complete my bachelors degree at least… Same goes for my sister. My mom and my dad have worked all their lives trying to give my sister and I, the education they have never been able to receive. My parent’s expects us to further our education and have really successful careers, instead of going through what they had to go thru, which I very much respect and appreciate. The kind of jobs we need today requires a lot of education such as science, medicine, and technology, how are we supposed to do that if there isn’t a systematic process? For the most part, I have to say growing up learning wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, understanding certain things would be so dissatisfying and other times I would feel so satisfied knowing I actually understood it. Education is the key to all success and opportunities and with it you’re able to accomplish anything in life. Attending school, stimulates my brain and mind both… but what it really is about it recognition and respect. I learn because I know I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to do. I learn because I know I can further my education, get my dream career and make my parents happy. I learn because there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with brains.


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