Blog Post #2

Question: How did the role of an immigrant dehumanize Oscar’s life growing up in the U.S.?

Being an immigrant in a new country was extremely difficult for the family and Oscar himself. It is both a mental and physical task, which is why many people have been known to lose themselves after moving. Just imagine moving from your homeland where you already have your life setup, to a new country where you don’t know anyone and can’t even communicate with people. Creating a new routine to your day, meeting new people, starting a new job, are just some of the things you have to adjust to. For some people movement could be a ‘new start’ on life, but only if they have the willpower to do so. Dehumanizing a person is to rob them of their personality, spirit, and human qualities and this is what happens to Oscar slowly as he is growing up in America. Oscar was bullied from his youth and thought by gaining an interest in reading books based on science fiction it would take his mind off of the jokes people made about him, but he was wrong. They teased him even more and thought that he was a bigger nerd than he already was. Oscar was a very hopeful character and sought out to find true love as he was growing up. In his youth he did pretty well, he had 2 girlfriends. As Oscar grew up he became fat an unattractive, so it was almost impossible for any girl to have an interest in him. These things that happen to Oscar truly deprive him of his human qualities, and we see the toll on it as Oscar tries later on to commit suicide. All the torment he grew growing up and always being alone with no one to love were just a few of the reasons as to how Oscar lost his human spirit growing up in the U.S.


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