Blog Assignment #2

Option #2

In Kovalty memoir she got in detail about the conditions people were suffering through when they are in the holocaust. Today we have learned about the past and what the holocaust is all about. Genocide was a big part of the history we learned about the death of Jews. “Often an old, half starved pensioner would sneak through the streetsunder fire to bring us a loaf of bread” The conditions inside the concentration camps was much worst than I thought it was as I learned about the history. People that were in those camps usually don’t get enough to eat. People would get tortured if anyone were to go againsted it. When Heda mentions that she was seperated with her family and was never able to see them again I felt a high level of sympathy for her. This might impact our world today because we might now have a different look on communism.

Not only was she seperated from her family but being sent to the concentration camps and seeing the way people get tortured was really disturbing to her life. People would have to clean all day and suffer from starvation. People were always seen dissapearing and dieing. I feel like this time peroid was somewhat similar to slavery or even worst. People were treated like animals and weren’t sure if they would survive the place. But once you go against the communist party or disagree with them¬†you will either be killed or badly tortured. People that were in the ghettos did’nt have any hopes of changes because knowing that they will be in conditions until they die. In the story there were many incidents where a person tries to escape. I think that even though you will get into trouble for not reporting it if you saw it you should always try to help one another based on the conditions they are going through. My prediction of the story is that there would be a lot of deaths involved because from what I have learned about the ghettos even though if there wasn’t any killing. The way the ghettos were isn’t even sanitary for example in the concentration camps it was filled with garbrage and waste every where making it easy for people to get sick. There was also kids in the concentration camps and were kepted in a bad environment and was given very little food.

After getting a chance to read Hedas Kovaltys memoir I actually get the feeling of why many would risk their lives to try and escape. It sounds to me like they would rather die than to stay in conditions like those. Inside the concentration camps it was alot worst than I thought.


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