Option 1

Option 1

I  have  learned  that from Under a Cruel Star so far that Heda Margolius  Kovaly   sparked my interest and something that i didn’t know life was hard and difficult to live in the 1950’s during the Czechoslovakia War under the Communist rule. And how the Communist party played its role . I also learned that In the  page 59 it discuss the  Heda  brought  the  application  to  be   the  member  of  the  Communist Party. In the page 63 from Under a Cruel  Star The  membership  in  the Communist  Party   is  determined  their  people  lives  of   how  they  live  and  act.  Also at the Same page  It also  said  that  if  when a  person  becomes  a  Communist   he or  she  wants  to  be a good Communist.  If   i  was  become  a   Communist  I would  have  to  behave and  follows  the  rules  of the  Communism government.

Heda later  realized  that  she  was  hesitated  for  a  long  time for  signing  up  the  application  of  the  Party   membership. It  also  said  that Heda  hated meetings and certainly  not  interested  of  political  life.  As more the Communist Party rises higher  its gain more power.  And  that brings  more fear  to  the  political  power of  corruption.

In  1951 the  environment  in Prague was  bad and dangerous.  No  one was  allowed  to Speak and  even weeks have  pass by  there  were  no news  of Somebody getting arrested.  In those  times are hard and i would be scared my life and trying to be safe and not getting caught.







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