Fri., May 1 | Knowledge Visualization: From Abstract Space to Real Impact

André Skupin
San Diego State University

When: Friday, May 1, 2015, 12:30‐13:30
Where: Rm C415A, Concourse Level, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York

In recent years, visualization has solidly established itself within the mainstream of contemporary society. From social media platforms to news outlets and academic publication channels, information is now routinely presented in highly engaging visual forms, often interactive and driven by live data. Whereas this has traditionally been applied to geographically referenced data and statistical, tabular data, displayed as cartographic maps and in various types of graphs, one now increasingly encounters so‐called knowledge visualizations. These are derived from either the content of knowledge artifacts, such as books and newspapers, or the explicit and implicit structures encountered among artifacts and those that produce or consume them, such as when the connections among social media users or co‐citations among academic articles are being mapped. The presentation will highlight how centuries‐old geographic thinking and cartographic principles and even GIS technology remain relevant today in the pursuit of novel visual expressions of abstract data. This will include numerous visual examples for a wide range of domains and data, from thousands of hospital records to millions of biomedical research articles, tagged music items, climate change records, or the history of Ebola coverage in scientific versus news publications. The presentation will also reflect on efforts to leverage knowledge visualization into generating societal impact, with strategies that include academic and commercial efforts and the building of a network of strategic partnerships in academia, government, and industry.

Speaker Bio

Dr. André Skupin is the Founder and Co‐Director of the Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS) at San Diego State University. He combines a classic cartographic education and 20+ years of experience with the GIS market in the U.S., Europe, and South Africa with long‐standing interests in geovisualization, visual data mining and spatio‐temporal modeling. He has developed methods for analyzing human mobility, demographic change, and environmental sensor data in attribute space. Dr. Skupin is also known for his novel approaches to knowledge visualization, where much of his research has addressed how knowledge artifacts can be analyzed by combining traditionally disparate approaches from natural language processing, artificial neural networks and cartography. As Associate Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the University of Dubai and Co‐Founder of a knowledge management start‐up, Dr. Skupin has a strong interest in accelerated transition of technological innovation into diverse application areas, from biomedical knowledge management to financial analytics, demography, crime analysis, and environmental monitoring.


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Dr. André Skupin
Storm Hall 305B, Department of Geography, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92182‐4493, USA Email:

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