Mentoring Workshop

Thanks to generous support from CUNY Central, The Futures Initiative will host a two-day mentoring workshop this summer. Graduate and undergraduate students from the Mapping the Futures courses will work together to develop peer leadership skills and further explore student-centered learning, creating a network of student support across the CUNY campuses.

Graduate Leaders

  • Hilarie Ashton, GC, English
  • Rachel Oppenheimer, GC, MALS and LaGuardia CC
  • Natalie Oshukany, GC, Music

Undergraduate Mentors

  • Nancy Acosta, Lehman College
  • Curtis Appiah, City College
  • Luvenia Aucapina, Queens College
  • Christina Billotto, Kingsborough CC
  • Rivka Bondar, Kingsborough CC
  • Nick Calabro, John Jay College
  • Orri Cohen, Brooklyn College
  • Francisca Eghan, City College
  • Tova Engel, Queens College
  • Yvenalie Gardere, City College
  • Sarah Gavartin, Hunter College
  • Ayomide Gbadamosi, Kingsborough CC
  • Luis Gonzalez, Kingsborough CC
  • Gabriella Grimes, Hunter College
  • Hurriya Hassan, Queens College
  • Nadette Haywood, Lehman College
  • Caitlin Higgins, Lehman College
  • Fariha Khan, Hunter College
  • Nayab Khan, Hunter College
  • Kseniya Kravtsova, Hunter College
  • Yakov Leonov, John Jay College
  • Michelle Mack, Lehman College
  • Isamar Martinez, Lehman College
  • Wadgma Masab, Queens College
  • Neelrup Mitra, City College
  • Baker Mohammed, City College
  • Allan Muchnik, John Jay College
  • Kyra Ong, Hunter College
  • Maria Osorio, Brooklyn College
  • Jhanil Peralta, Lehman College
  • Clarissa Pichardo, Lehman College
  • Rachel Pressberg, Brooklyn College
  • Chava Suionov, Queens College
  • Sharene Vaughn, Lehman College
  • Biao Wang, John Jay College
  • Bingqian Zhang, John Jay College


The Futures Initiative
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309