Evaluation of Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

The Futures Initiative is happy to share an evaluation report (PDF) of our inaugural course, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education. The analysis was conducted by two Urban Education doctoral students, Deborah Greenblatt and Janey Flanagan.

We were delighted to learn that both undergraduate and graduate students considered the course and teaching methods to be highly effective. The report also contains many lessons for us as we plan for the future.

The undergraduate and graduate students expressed appreciation for the course in anonymous interviews with the evaluators; here is some of what they had to say:

“I didn’t expect to have my perspectives so challenged and in such a caring, compassionate and respectful way.”

“Something is happening in this room, and it is really thrilling.”

“This was the first course [. . .] that actually made it a priority to discover/create more beneficial learning methods for students.”

“Being able to visualize their research on a collective map gave them a sense of pride in their work.”

“The most valuable lesson I learned was how important the blog was in terms of connecting the students to one another.”

“The function of the site did wonders for creating a cohesive group, or really a family, with the class.”

“I think that every graduate student should be trained in student-centered training methodologies.”

“Never had a course like this in CUNY ever.”

“It changed me as a teacher.”

Read the full report (PDF).


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