List of 115 leading researchers to speak at Culture Analytics Institute, UCLA, March 7 – June 10, 2016

Culture Analytics Institute (March 7 – June 10, 2016)
Deadline | December 7 |  UCLA
Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics, UCLA

UCLA will host a 14-week culture analytics institute from March 7 to June 10, 2016. While they are an NSF Math Sciences institute, they’re interested in having humanists present. On the selection committee is Prof. Tim Tangherlini. A special focus will be on postdocs and early career faculty. Some previous training in statistics is recommended, meaning that one should come with a reasonable background in machine learning, cognitive science, or similar field. Having this background would be a plus.
The goal is to have 40 of the 60-some people there for all 14 weeks, however there is understanding if participants cannot attend the entire forum. The Selection Committee asks that you please to note this in your application if this is the case. Accepted participants will receive a roundtrip ticket to Los Angeles, CA and a housing allowance will be provided. People who are there for all 14 weeks are also eligible to be funded to two later events in the following two years.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Apply here.

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