Deadline Extended: Special Issue of JITP, Challenging the Boundaries of the ePortfolio

The deadline for the upcoming special issues of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy has been extended to June 15. See the CFP below from their website.

Call for Papers
The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
Special Issue:

Challenging the Boundaries of the ePortfolio:
Digital Spaces and Digital Pedagogy

Issue Editors:
Anne Donlon, Emory University
Amanda Licastro, Stevenson University
Dominique Zino, LaGuardia Community College


This issue of JITP seeks to highlight innovative technological and pedagogical approaches to portfolio form and function. While other journals focus exclusively on ePortfolios, especially in closed, proprietary spaces, we encourage contributors to pay particular attention to the unique boundaries, opportunities, and challenges of dynamically-evolving born digital portfolios. We hope to push beyond traditional paper-to-digital translations and encourage contributors to showcase innovative multimodal models of the ePortfolio. We also look forward to submissions that look to the future of curating and archiving digital work across the curriculum and across all levels of education.

Building on the model of the Visible Knowledge Project (, this issue is itself intended to be a kind of digital portfolio of ePortfolio practices and projects. Articles that focus on a radical approach to portfolio pedagogy and consider issues of social justice, access, and activism are especially encouraged.

Proposals might include, but are not limited to, any of the following topics:

  • Maximizing the medium: how to utilize the digital space and/or increase multimodality
  • Plotting the history and future of digital portfolios: looking back to imagine the future
  • Exploring the relationship between curating an archive and creating a portfolio
  • Re-imagining and enacting the use of ePortfolios in graduate education and the tenure process
  • Examining how various academic disciplines are using digital spaces to showcase things that cannot be showcased on paper
  • Navigating privacy issues around born-digital texts
  • Investigating issues of transparency and shared governance around the selection of college & university-wide ePortfolio platforms
  • Looking across perspectives from administrators, IT support, tech fellows, etc. on how to build, maintain, archive, secure, support, and train ePortfolio users
  • Showcasing ePortfolio models that confront issues of access and universal design, or that promote social justice action

We are also interested in submissions to our short form sections on the topic of ePortfolios, especially book reviews, sample assignments, tool tips, and teaching fails related to ePortfolio use across a class, curriculum, or program, specifically examples that focus on creating digital projects.

We invite multimedia elements in submissions along with interdisciplinary and creative approaches in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. This can include audio or visual presentations and interviews, dialogues, or conversations; creative/artistic works; manifestos; or other scholarly materials. All submissions are subject to an open review process. Manuscripts should be under 5,000 words.

For further information on style and formatting, accessibility requirements, and multimedia submissions, consult JITP’s Author Guidelines. Submissions received that do not fall under the specific theme of this issue, but do fall under JITP’s broader themes, will be considered for publication in a future issue.

Important Dates

Submission deadline for full manuscripts is June 15, 2016. When submitting using our Open Journal Systems software, under “Journal Section,” please select the section titled “Issues.”


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