American Literature, American Learning Recap 4/20

American Literature, American Learning

Wednesday, April 20



  • Revise and expand your abstract by April 17. Aprox. 250 words.
  • Rough draft of your chapter due May 2


(Mostly) American Literature

Emily Dickinson, “In a Library,”I Died for Beauty,” “Success,”Through the Dark Sod—as Education

Walt Whitman, “An Old Man’s Thoughts of School”

William Butler Yeats, “Among Schoolchildren”

ee cummings “since feeling is first

Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

Wallace Stevens, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”

Langston Hughes, “Theme for English B

Adrienne Rich, “The Burning of Paper Instead of Children”

Audre Lorde, “Poet as Teacher–Human as Poet–Teacher as Human” (2 pg essay)

Maya Angelou “Still I Rise

Claudia Rankine, “Sound & Fury”

Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0

Matthew K. Gold, “The Digital Humanities Moment” in Debates in the Digital Humanities

Cathy N. Davidson, “Humanities 2.0: Promises, Perils, Predictions” in Debates in the Digital Humanities

Choose one keyword from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities

Digital Humanities Projects (explore & leave other favorites in the comments)

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

Education in Our Barrios

Around DH in 80 Days

The Knotted Line


“An Invitation Towards Social Justice in the Digital Humanities”

Looking forward

  • Shitty first drafts
  • Post a rough draft of your chapter by May 2
  • Next class May 4 – Josh and Erica are assigning readings (and blogging?)
  • Happy spring break!

Exquisite Corpse (40)

  1. Everyone writes favorite line from a poem – last person reads
    1. What is a poem? What can you learn from a poem?
  2. *Start with a famous line – Everyone writes one original line of poetry responding to the person before them (you see one before you)
  3. Last line of previous poem, draw something, then write something, then draw something
    1. What happens when you add images to texts?

Exquisite Abstracts (40)

  • The next assignment is a draft of your chapter. After reading this abstract, what advice would you give to this author/authors as they move forward and think about a draft of their chapter?
  • Bring printed abstracts – read someone else’s abstract and leave comments. After 5 min pass to the person next to you. Pass four times around the room.

Discussion of Education Life NYTimes (20)

Exquisite Corpse Poems


How can we know the dancer from the dance?

Does my haughtiness upset you??

Lady, I swear by all flowers. Don’t cry.

The blackbird sat in the cedar limbs.

Old volumes shake their vellum heads,

And tantalize, just so,

But still like air I’ll rise.

The blackbird whistling

Medical bills school debt car debt debt debt.

Or just often

An Age of Love Science

But still like air I’ll rise.


But still like air I’ll rise

Buttes till lie care aisle ryes

Try to squeeze in some grocery shopping

While drowning down the aisle….

Mirror, mirror, if I’m wrong

Will it take me twice as long?

To come again, and again, and again

Stop to think, drowning beneath it all

Then pass four times around the room

And Do Not Think of impending doom


Just eat some carrot cookies.


A language is a map of our failures

He questioned softly why I failed?


Being me it will not be white

We lie under the sheet after making love

Dispossessed, despair, depression, despondent

Desertion, the doom is the off-white, but wait,

Until the moss had reached our lips and covered up our names

And somewhat more free

I like to work, read, learn, and understand life.

This is the oppressor’s language!

Yet, I need it to talk to you.

And it was going to snow

And death I think is no parenthesis


This is the oppressor’s language

Yet, I need it to talk to you.

This school is a business model

Yet, it teaches me to talk to you.

What choice do we have? To go back or go through.

Draw something, then write something, then draw something

What happens

Seeing, feeling, experiencing, dying

Inside and outside

An evening, orange and ripe.

I knew each snowflake by name

But I didn’t know from where they came.

Bud, I’d isn’t–no rum, sugar cane…


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