How to Export Your FI Site

This tutorial walks users through how to export your FI WordPress site. First we will break down the differences between having an FI child site and hosting your own site with The biggest reason why you should consider exporting your site, is if you wish to have more control over your site.


Futures Initiative WordPress Site Site

Only FI web developers can download themes You can download themes
Only FI web developers can download plugins You can download plugins
FI hosts the site You must host the site
FI domain name Your own domain name


FI child sites are part of the FI network, which means that installs (themes, plugins, etc.) are managed by the FI web developers. Therefore, the process requires a request and approval by the FI team before any install is made. If you wish to have complete control over installs on your site then exporting your site would be a good idea.  Exporting your site also gives you the opportunity to change the domain name, i.e. your website url. Since your site is currently part of the FI network, it’s domain name will always include If you wish to have a shorter, transparent, and more search friendly name then exporting your site is a good idea. However, keep in mind that exporting your site and changing your domain name will require some payment on your end, usually a minimal monthly hosting fee. provides a great list of affordable and reliable hosting options. If you do wish to export your site, you can follow the instructions below.


3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Login to your site, go to your Dashboard, go to Tools and click on Export.


Step 1 - Export Image


Step 2: In the Export window, make sure that All Content is selected and then click on Download Export File.


Step 2 - Export Image


Step 3: You can now use the Import function in another WordPress installation to import the content from this site. Congratulations!

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