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  • Ryan Craig’s new book, , A New U: Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College is a fascinating read. The only area that I wish was delved into deeper would have been the democratic ideals of an educated citizenry. Th […]

    • Should be an interesting discussion today!
      One of my questions for Ryan has to do with protecting the important research function of universities. To date, research has dominated the higher education agenda, crowding out teaching and learning. Ryan’s approach restores the priority to teaching and learning. Terrific!
      But what happens to high end research, to preparing students for PhDs and MD degrees, for instance?

      • Yes! Also, the byproduct of that research in the form of industry advancement. Health, defense, tech, etc.

      • Aside to this: how is it that we can prepare students for research positions outside of the academy without alienating the institutions themselves thereby shorting academia in the foot by having served its job so well that it can’t self recruit. Are we already there?

  • Since my proposed big idea has been eventually focusing on the right CSR strategy in regard to the role of employees, in this week’s lightning talk I would like to present the article about the Living Wage and ho […]

    • Interesting. This makes me think about Amazon raising its wages to $15/hour. I guess the question is, should these changes be driven by businesses taking the lead on these ethical policies, or should it be regulated by the government, or some combination of both? The former may be more realistic in today’s political environment, but I worry that CSR will never be enough because the incentives aren’t there and the costs are too high for businesses struggling to compete.

      • I hear you, Ananda. I think the government should set the floor when it comes to wages and benefits (and maybe that is $15/hour). To me, that is where ethics comes in.

        And then companies that want to invest for the long-term or attract better workers should adopt CSR policies that raise them above the floor.

        I get the point that CSR is more of an investment than a cost. The question that raises, though: If the investment paid clear dividends, wouldn’t all companies make the investment? Do all companies not realize that it pays dividends, do they not have the money to make the investment or is CSR something that only makes financial sense for certain sectors or certain size companies?

    • Interesting to think about how “living wage” is the same, or different, from UBI.
      The whole idea of how CSR fits with the future of work theme is starting to get much more sharply focused, Tamar!

    • How does this gel with your previous research about the possibility of a jobs guarantee? What would the pay look like, and is it just meant to be living, or could it be fruitful or perhaps a means to a more expansive position within the field?

  • This week I reviewed Brookfields 2017 Report “Autonomous Vehicles and the Potential Impacts on Real Estate.” The Brookfield report states that while there are many uncertainties about the impacts of AVs it see […]

    • It’s fascinating to imagine how AVs will change the landscape around us. I don’t have much to add except I think this is a great topic that people definitely aren’t thinking about enough.

    • so interesting, especially the idea of how our attention will shift from billboards to internal triggers inside the car….the new “man cave” will be inside our vehicles, maybe.

    • Echoing the others, I’d never have thought about the billboards. They seem so ubiquitous to our society, that I can’t imagine life w/o them. In pedestrian cities like NY/SF, is it still anticipated to change?



    The Disruption and Future of Higher Education

    There are so many contemporary variables that are effectively and efficiently contributing to the disruption in higher education. This disruption has c […]

  • I wanted the class to see this timely press release about CUNY’s expanding partnership with Revature, a software talent development company that features prominently in Ryan Craig’s book, A New U.

  • My focus has been on creating a system to provide 20th century employment benefits (sick leave, vacation time, health insurance subsidies, workers compensation insurance, etc) to all sectors of the 21st Century […]

  • I was having a rousing argument this weekend about technology and jobs, voicing my concern about having the deck stacked entirely in favor of job destruction when my friend quoted Milton Friedman:

    Milton […]

  • My policy proposal on autonomous vehicles particularly focuses on how to equip citizens with proper knowledge and understanding of self-driving vehicles. The article “Governors Group Seeks Autonomous Vehicle S […]

    • This is a great focus on the human element, which has obviously been greatly neglected in the planning thus far. We need that smart UI/UX thinking to help us plan the right road ahead for future autonomous — drivers? operators? I wonder if there is something to be learned from the training of pilots on simulations.

    • My cousin has a Tesla, and she was explaining that the self-driving feature required a $6k software upgrade, but she was able to try it out for free. She said the car reacted (I think with a beep or alarm or something) if her hands were not in the proper place on the steering wheel.

      We know from experience with regular cars that “driver education” is not that effective (ie, people speed, drive drunk, etc, every day). So can we dispense with the idea that we have to educate people, and instead find a way to ensure that the person in the driver’s seat is paying attention?

    • Sure seems more effective to have simulation training, coupled with real live feedback (like wake up! You haven’t touched the wheel in 5 minutes).

  • I was casually scrolling through my Facebook Feed, when I stumbled upon an article titled “Beware these dying jobs are disappearing the quickest”*, which if you ask me sounds more like a warning sign than an art […]

    • AI is also part of the reason that computer programming is expected to decline — more of it will be done by non-human labor.

      All of which leads to the conclusion that there are no truly safe jobs. Only the nimbleness of an educated, creative mind and muscular intelligence will be able to navigate the inevitable pivots that will be required as things change and change and change.

  • Kia,

    Yadira took the words from right under my fingers. Well said, Kia!

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  • I saw the following which may be the interest of some. You can get more information and register through this link:

    Last week I attended the Politic of Food […]

  • Hi Calvin,
    I also was an attendee at the Multilingualism in Higher Education panel and your experience along with Sujung’s made me think about my own experiences with language and miscommunication that can take p […]

  • Thank you Calvin for using your own life and platform to vocalize a social justice topic that faces so many of the students attending CUNY and other institutions all over the world! You are an example of a first […]

  • Kia, such a powerfull message filled with nothing but facts and the truth. Coming up in the projects as well, I face the same fears and deal with the same problems. I’ve never been an expert in enviornmentalism […]

  • Calvin, it is amazing to know that there are people like you who are taking action against this social issue rather than acknowledging it and leaving it in the wind. Thank you for sharing your experience and […]

  • Monami, I am glad you were inspired by the panels and saw the various ways we try to connect students using technology!

  • Calvin, thank you for sharing your experience. I think many students can relate to “the widespread issue of inadequate support for the multilingual population in the classroom not only in higher education, but […]

  • Calvin, well said. There is a disparity in access to educational access and resources for students who have and those who do not deeply affects their educational attainment. You, however, have made the best of […]

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