Class Recaps

Week One: Introduction, Class Constitution, Inventories, Exit Tickets

Week Two: Founding Documents, Educational Inequality, Issues Students Face, #BlackLivesMatter

Week Three: Education as Empowerment, Education as Social Control: Gender and Colonialism

Week Four: Freedom to Learn, Explore, Experiment (make failure more work than success)

Week Five: Syllabus Jam Session

Week Six: Identity Philosophies and Learning Styles

Week Seven: Race and Power

Week Eight: Games, Active Learning, Formative Assessment 

Week Nine: Class with Dr. William P. Kelly


Week Ten: Punks, Pedagogy, and the Neoliberalization of the University 

Week Eleven: Poetry and the Digital Humanities

Week Twelve: Multilingual Education


Week Thirteen: Working Session with Dr. Jade Davis


Week Fourteen: Final Projects Due