Structuring Equality

Structuring Equality cover

Cover artwork by Zebulah Baldwin

Structuring Equality: A Handbook for Student-Centered Learning and Teaching Practices


The Graduate Center Learning Collective

Arinn Amer, Zebulah Baldwin, Joshua Belknap, Erica Campbell, Cathy N. Davidson, Michael Druffel, Iris Finkel, Lisa Hirschfield, Nicky Hutchins, Jeff Israel, Kelly Lerash, Danica Savonick


Introduction | How and Why to Structure a Classroom for Student-Centered Learning and Equality | Cathy N. Davidson

Chapter One | Our Students: Learning to Listen to Multilingual Student Voices | Joshua Belknap

Chapter Two | Student Body: What Happens When Teachers and Students Move Together? | Kelly Lerash and Michael Druffel

Chapter Three | Reacting to the Past: The Atlanta Compromise | Iris Finkel

Chapter Four | The Value of the Non-Evaluative: Rethinking Faculty Observation | Erica Campbell

Chapter Five | Observations | Arinn Amer

Chapter Six | Literature as a Learning Tool: A Lesson Plan | Nicky Hutchins

Chapter Seven | Learning Worlds: Learning AmLit: Charleston, SC | Jeff Israel

Afterword | Orchestrating a Student-Centered Classroom, A How-To Guide | Danica Savonick

Appendix | Presenting Student-Centered Learning: A Slideshow | Lisa Hirschfield and Zebulah Baldwin