What Are We Missing in Higher Ed and How Can We Change It–Today?: Podcast

By Cathy Davidson|December 28, 2014|Announcements|0 comments

Bonni Stachoiwiak did a great job interviewing me and editing this podcast on “Teaching in Higher Ed,” “How To See What We’re Missing in Higher Ed“: http://teachinginhighered.com/podcast/cathy-davidson/ Follow here on Twitter:  Bonni Stachowiak @bonni208:  Thanks so much, Bonni.  It was great talking to you–and I love your blog and podcasts. “How to see what we’ve been missing in #highered” w/@CathyNDavidson #podcast #profchat Punchline:  On higher education: “Most of the apparatus of our

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CUNY Professor Featured in NYTimes Article on Community College Teaching

By Katina|December 23, 2014|Announcements, Of interest|0 comments

LaGuardia Community College Professor Eduardo Vianna is featured in “Raising Ambitions: The Challenge in Teaching at Community Colleges,” an illuminating New York Times article by Ginia Bellafante. Vianna’s research and teaching methods, which concentrate on peer learning and student engagement, are very much aligned with the Futures Initiative’s goals. His work has had remarkable results: Three years ago, Dr. Vianna began a program at LaGuardia called the Peer Activist Learning

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Five Ways to Be Part of “Mapping the Futures of Higher Ed” #FuturesEd

By Cathy Davidson|December 22, 2014|FI Events, Mapping|0 comments

“Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” is a series of courses at the Graduate Center and throughout the CUNY system.  It is also a collaborative, peer-driven movement to rethink the best ways of learning for higher education–and YOU are invited to participate.  Here’s how: Sign up for the Futures Initiative Group on hastac.org and you will receive updates and public notices and opportunities to share your ideas and syllabi and

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Watch Cathy Davidson’s Appearance on CNN

By Lisa|December 19, 2014|Announcements|0 comments

  The Graduate Center’s Futures Initiative Director, Distinguished Professor Cathy Davidson, recently appeared on CNN’s @ThisHour to discuss higher education and its value. You can watch the full segment “Is college worth the cost?” on CNN’s website, here.  

Reflections on Futures Initiative Open Session: Rethinking Evaluation and Assessment in Online and Blended Learning Environments

By Michael Dorsch|December 19, 2014|FI Events, Reflection|0 comments

On December 8th, Dr. Anthony Picciano, Professor and Executive Officer of the PhD program in Urban Education, joined us for a Futures Initiative Open Session. This was a very topical kick-off to our Open Sessions as we are gearing up for our inaugural course, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education, being co-taught by Dr. Cathy Davidson and Dr. William Kelly in the Spring 2015 semester. Dr. Picciano, who attended Hunter

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What Is Learning? 12 Principles of Peer-Led, Connected, Interactive Education

By Cathy Davidson|December 17, 2014|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

Cross-posted to the Futures Initiative HASTAC Group. Here are a baker’s dozen of the main principles of connected learning. As you will see, they form an “ecosystem,” where each component influences and changes the others. These apply in any field (although differently in each field). These principles draw from constructivist, engaged “public educators” (Stuart Hall’s term)  going back as far as Lev Vygotsky and John Dewey and including Howard Gardner,

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The Big “Why”? 4 Top Reasons Higher Ed is More Important Than Ever AND Needs to Change!

By Cathy Davidson|December 17, 2014|Mapping, Reflection|0 comments

Cross-posted to the Futures Initiative HASTAC Group. As we begin to assemble the documents, materials, models, and course materials for “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education,”  the first course offered by the Futures Initiative, I will keep posting some of our central documents.  We will be hosting several livestreamed open sessions devoted to the methods, theories, ideas, models, and practices of this course.  Yesterday I gave a “baker’s dozen” of

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Recap of F.I. Open Session “How ProQuest Fits in with the Changing Dissertation Landscape”

By Michael Dorsch|December 17, 2014|Event Recap, Reflection|0 comments

On December 1, 2014 the Futures Initiative along with JustPublics@365 and the Mina Rees Library at The Graduate Center, CUNY, hosted a discussion with Austin McLean, Director of Scholarly Communication and Dissertations Publishing at ProQuest®. Polly Thistlethwaite, Chief Librarian at the Mina Rees Library, opened the discussion with a look back at how the Graduate Center has historically dealt with the publication and archiving of dissertations. A Short Timeline of

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New Report on CUNY Alumni Economic Impact

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A new report from the CUNY Office of Institutional Research and Assessment highlights the considerable economic impact of CUNY alumni in New York. Most CUNY alumni remain in New York after graduation, and given that 1.3 million students have earned CUNY degrees since 1966-67, their overall contribution to the state’s workforce is astonishing. In addition, CUNY institutions have a direct, positive impact on the local economy through partnerships with employers,

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