The End of Higher Education: A Discussion About Purpose

By Lisa|September 30, 2014|Announcements, Of interest, Reflection|0 comments

Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson discussed The End of Higher Education with Mike Wesch and Randy Bass as part of the Connected Courses Kick-off Live Event on September 15th. As shrinking budgets, skeptical publics, and rising alternatives continue to threaten the end of higher education, we host this conversation as a contemplation of what the end – or purpose – of higher education should be. We will also reflect on

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Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson discusses Technology Distraction on NPR

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Listen to Futures Initiative Director Cathy Davidson talk on the NPR Show To The Point here. Who’s in Charge: You or Your Smart Phone? Drivers tell pollsters they know it’s too dangerous to text while they’re at the wheel, but about one third admit they do it anyway. Now there’s persuasive evidence that we don’t have as much choice as we tell ourselves. Matt Richtel reports for the New York

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Welcome to all our New Virtual Partners

By Kalle Westerling|September 30, 2014|FI Events|0 comments

We want to extend a welcome to all of our virtual partners for the upcoming event “What Is a Dissertation? New Models, Methods, Media”: Hybrid Pedagogy; Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center; Studio for New Media at Iowa State University; The Image Lab at University of Wisconsin; Simpson Center at the University of Washington; Sherman Center for Digital Scholarship at McMaster University; Maker Lab and ECTL at the University of Victoria in

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