APPLY NOW: Spring 2015 – “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education”

By Danica Savonick|October 27, 2014|Announcements, Mapping|0 comments

  “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” (IDS 70200) Cross-listed ANTH 80600; ART 80010; CL 80100; CRITICAL SOCIAL/PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY; EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY; ENGL 89010, URBAN EDUCATION Spring 2015 Tuesday 4:15-6:15 Professors Cathy Davidson and William Kelly The course is designed for second, third, or fourth year graduate students who are teaching during S 2015 at one of CUNY’s colleges or community colleges.  Like the larger Futures Initiative,

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A Digital Storytelling Odyssey: Mapping the Universe and Other Small Things with Curtis Wong

By Michael Dorsch|October 27, 2014|FI Events, Reflection|0 comments

CUNY’s Futures Initiative hit the ground running on October 3rd with its first official event—an awe-inspiring digital storytelling odyssey that took the audience from the early days of interactive software and CD-ROMs to multi-dimensional spatiotemporal explorations of deep space. Curtis Wong, principal researcher at Microsoft Research, shared with us an insider look at many of the stunning projects he’s been involved with over his long career in educational media development

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