Mix it Up! How Equity Can Enhance Innovation–and How #FuturesEd Works Toward Those Goals

By Cathy Davidson|January 14, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

We’re all abuzz here with conversation, analysis, dismay, and all the rest about a recent article in the Atlantic that paints a grim picture of the way even the City University of New York–arguably the most equitable public education in America, where over 80% of our graduates leave tuition-debt free–still does not escape the inequality (and especially racial inequality) embedded it American education.  We are even more abuzz, I’d say,

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Equity, Innovation, and Higher Ed as a Public Good

By Katina|January 14, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

UPDATE: CUNY has responded to Hancock and Kolodner’s article, requesting its withdrawal based on many significant factual errors. Here are my thoughts on that development. As I described in an earlier post, following extensive discussions with my colleagues and our program’s graduate fellows on the goals and mission of the Futures Initiative, we came to adopt “Equity and Innovation” as our program’s tagline. These are our top priorities—the guiding principles

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