Virtual Mapping

By Lisa|February 5, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

This past October at our first public Futures Initiative event at the Graduate Center, Curtis Wong, the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, gave a talk entitled “Mapping the Universe and Other Small Things.” In his talk, he mentioned a study from 1993 that asked children to a) point out Madagascar on a world map, and b) point out Yoshi’s Island in Super Mario World:   As shown in his slide, there is a

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What We Did: Feb 3 (First Class)

By Cathy Davidson|February 5, 2015|Class Recap|6 comments

This is a public document. Comments welcome! MAPPING THE FUTURES OF HIGHER EDUCATION IDS 70200 Feb 3, 2015 415-615 Materials, Ideas Room 3207 FIRST CLASS: In Which Thirteen People (and assorted others) Become One Class and Four Teams and, Together, Map the Semester All photos by Futures Initiative Fellow Kalle Westerling The first day of class is a bit like a cross between a kindergarten and a AA meeting. Since

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