Week 3 Prep on Assessment

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|February 13, 2015|Class Recap|3 comments

Dear collaborators,

Please review the linked videos, articles, and websites for next Tuesday’s (2/17) discussion and activities. In addition, please bring a copy of your course syllabus as we will be referring to them for our assessment activities.

1. Why Assessment?

The Legitimacy of Assessment – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

2. Videos on Formative versus Summative Assessment



3. On Bloom’s Taxonomy and Summative Assessment



Video: Strategies for Formative Assessment


Article: Yorke on Formative assessment in higher education



We look forward to engaging with you,

Group 1 (Irene, Janey, Maria)


  1. I hate the music but really love the 5 strategies in the Swedish video. Highly recommended. I like the inversion of the “all hands up” Samuel Delany method in particular but all of them help turn teaching into learning, decentralize the authority role of the teacher and emphasize the goal of learning.

  2. AGENDA FOR FEB 17: Learning from these Lessons, let’s let Bill and me begin with our own formative feedback on how things are going. 10 minutes
    1) Mapping? Everyone on? How is it going with your students?
    2) Our blog that puts the whole picture together: hastac.org and Michael’s work
    3) May 22 secure as our final event day. Any other scheduling questions?
    4) Before Group 1 begins on assessment, please do what every group must: each give us an “elevator speech” (2 minutes, the speech to a stranger in an elevator) about your research, why it is important, why you want to teach it to others
    5) Make sure before we end to do a Think Pair Share or another interactive method if you already have one planned: 3 ways that you can/will use these formative assessment methods in your class this week so you can report back next week in our formative feedback to Group 1.
    6) anything else? (NB: I love these readings and videos. Thank you for a great assignment. I am writing a chapter on this exact topic this week and I still learned so much. Thank you!)

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