Enticements to join in the fun of “Mapping The Future”…

By Richard Lissemore|March 8, 2015|Mapping, Reflection|1 comments

I have upped the ante to try to get 100% participation from my Anatomy class at Lehman and thought I’d share the contents of my email to the students: Dear All, Congrats to those of you who have logged on to the Mapping The Futures site. Many of you have yet to do so. The email with the instructions is included below. As I spoke about in class, there will

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My First Ever Class, as Teacher

By Rachel Oppenheimer|March 8, 2015|Reflection|5 comments

To be honest, this was my first time Teaching, with a capital T. Well, not exactly. Since Freshman year of college, I have taught in some capacity. I was an AT (Apprentice Teacher) for Introductory Italian; in my college summers, I taught SAT prep to low-income New Haven high school students; in my first post-college job I taught some financial literacy workshops, and then I’ve done various odds and ends

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NYPL Mapping Division and NYPL Labs Visit: Photo Essay

By Lisa|March 8, 2015|Class Recap, FI Events, Mapping, Reflection|2 comments

On Friday, March 6, members from the Futures Initiative team and the graduate Mapping the Futures course met with the NYPL Mapping Division and NYPL Labs for a behind-the-scenes look at some of the significant and innovative work they are doing with maps. Matt Knutzen showed us a number of maps from the NYPL collection, beginning with an antiquarian world map, and proceeding through maps from the NYC collection, including A plan of

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