4/24 Grant Writing for Humanists

By Danica Savonick|March 11, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|0 comments

Please join the English Program and the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative in welcoming Dr. Jennifer Guiliano, who will lead a grant writing workshop specifically aimed towards scholars working in the humanities. This event will take place Friday, April 24th, at 2pm in the English Program Lounge (4406) at the Graduate Center, CUNY. RSVP recommended:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grant-writing-for-humanists-tickets-16105258261. Learn more about the event here.

Celebration and Reception, May 22 – Join Us!

By Katina|March 11, 2015|Class Recap, FI Events, Mapping, Of interest, Reflection|1 comments

Please join us on the evening of Friday, May 22, 2015 for a celebration and reception honoring the inaugural cohort of Futures Initiative Scholars. We will also be unveiling the CUNY Maps of NYC, a series of student-designed maps visualizing the impact of CUNY on communities—and vice versa. Futures Initiative Scholars include more than 365 students. Together, they represent nine different disciplines at ten different CUNY campuses, from pre-college students to faculty

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My first week Spring 15

By joyce|March 11, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

Hi everyone! I’m stopping by very quickly to comment a little bit on my first week at LaGuardia this spring term. I like my classes and my teachers.  I had some concerns about math but my faith came back to me when Mr. Mack explained to  us about the very convenient software he will be using for his class: educosoft.  English with Laura Tanenbaum couldn’t be better. She’s very enthusiastic

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The Art of Teaching

By Danica Savonick|March 11, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

“Something’s missing from the Ranciere,” I told my advisor, referring not to a page I’d forgotten to photocopy, but to an aspect of experience, a dimension of pedagogy that his work couldn’t account for. My many, many years as a student—I think I’ve been a student longer than I’ve been anything else, except maybe a human—have taught me that education does more than “reveal an intelligence to itself” (28). “Your

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