False Memories

Today in class we discussed, Speak, Memory.  It really interested me because I feel like I can relate to the reaction of Sacks.  Sacks remembers vividly that a bomb fell behind his house, he remembers his father with a stirrup pump and his brothers with pails of water. Sacks remembers every detail like the hissing sound that the burning hot metal made when water hit it’s surface.   I don’t know about anyone else in the class, but I’ve experienced developing a false memory as well.  I can clearly remember myself at eight years old getting lost at Coney Island.  I remember being with my whole family and letting go of my dad’s hand for a moment to get a glimpse of what was behind me and then turning back face forward and not seeing my family in sight.  I’ve told this story on many occasions during one of our family get togethers and got the same reaction every time which was, “Huh? What are you talking about?!”.  It frustrated me because I remembered the event so clearly, my heart beating fast, tears slowly running down my cheek because I was so nervous and scared…  Was it a dream that just felt real? Did it really happen? Was it just a false memory?  It beats me.

Reading this excerpt made me feel like I wasn’t necessarily crazy, it happens to other people too.  There were actually studies on this.  I found a video on YouTube that might be able to answer some of our questions about false memories and I’ll link that below.  Scientists made up a couple scenarios and claimed that it has happened to them, even thought it didn’t,  these individuals genuinely believed that those situations occurred at some point in their life.  It’s so easy for the mind to trick you.  You can just fill in the blanks with YOU and it’ll all seem so right.  This can also relate to the Brian Williams story, he could have developed a false memory, it all could have felt so real to him, we wont really know the real truth, but it’s a possibility.  Speak, Memory definitely gives us more options as to what really happened with Brian Williams.  We can really connect Speak, Memory to many occurrences.  What do you guys think?




  1. Hey Liana. :-*

    Okay, so I haven’t really experienced anything drastic like going through something and feeling like it re-occured. However, I don’t know whether this counts or not but I have had really bad dreams in the past. At one point in my life, I went through a really bad stage of depression and after I got through it, I really believed I was getting better.

    After, I started having these vivid dreams where I would come to points where whoever was in the dream I would avoid them or I would act on my dreams I was having. Throughout my day, I would cry and contemplate so confused on why did this happen again?! Having these knots in my stomach and not remembering what really happened cause my depression to slowly come back. Till one would confront me asking me: “Trisha why are you upset, whats going on” and I’ll tell them and they would end telling me “No, that did not happen”. I wouldn’t remember my dreams as soon as I woke up but I would remember them throughout the day. They felt so real and it would scare me so much which I never thought could be possible. Does this count?!

  2. In some point of our lives something happened that was tragic and even though we feel like it never happened it did. Sometimes people like to brush things under the carpet and pretend like nothing happened in their lives and then they feel like they can move forward, when in real life if you have had something tragic happen to you like a loss in the family or you had an experience with helping someone else who lost one of there family relatives you start to get a glimpse of reality and it becomes so real that you just cannot believe it. The dreams that I have can be realistic and sometimes even scary. In most of my dreams I can see my relatives who have passed away but the great part about it is that my relatives who have passed away I feel like they are my guardian angels. Sometimes when I have these kind of dreams sometimes I feel like my relatives are trying to push me on the right track and get to where I need to go. In my dreams I feel like I can touch my relatives and get a good glimpse of them for the last time. Even though half of the time I do not know why I have these kind of dreams at the end of the day I take it as a gift where I can see the people who have passed away and being connected to them is wonderful. It is amazing to see what the other student’s post on there blogs being able to express your opinions out loud and even meet new people. In our lives we have good and bad things that happen to us but at the end of the day it depends on the decisions that we make and what we can accomplish to get to our next goal. I also feel like half of the time I do not know what I am dreaming about whether it is school, going to the animal shelter and volunteer or even helping others in need of help. Things in life happen whether we are prepared for them or not they just happen but it is all about taking risks and accepting the challenges that are thrown your way.

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