Symposium: Art, Social Change, and the Urban Sphere, March 26 at City College

By Lisa|March 15, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|0 comments

Time: March 26 6:00pm EDT Location: Art Department, City College of New York, Compton Goethals, Room 249, West 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue (A,C,B,or D train to 145th St., or 1 train to 137th St.) Held in conjunction with The Left Front, this symposium will bring together contemporary artists, curators, and writers to discuss socially engaged artistic interventions in the urban sphere and ask panelists to respond to the question

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My Style of Learning

By YuliyaM|March 15, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

It’s not a surprise that every one of us comes to learning in different ways. And whatever works well for one, doesn’t work at all for another. It happens, because we all have different learning styles and strategies. As about me, I am mostly a verbal learner with elements of visual strategies. I perceive information better when it’s transmitted by means of words, especially by written language. I love to

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Two Chances at the Same Lesson, or, It’s Nice to Have a Do Over

By Rachel Oppenheimer|March 15, 2015|Reflection|3 comments

At the end of last week, I had the fortune to substitute teach for an evening class and then the subsequent morning class because one of our teachers was, unfortunately, out sick. I led a 1.5 hr group project lesson, where groups of 3-4 students were given a tuition schedule from a CUNY or NYC private college, an information sheet with a few challenging paragraphs that would – if read

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Students Take the Lead: Quick Prompt for Research

By MichelleG|March 15, 2015|Reflection|2 comments

I have not always been a student-centered believer. It took a few years before I could really understand how to implement this approach into my classroom and grasp the unlimited acceleration potential it could truly have for my students. I’m a second-guesser and I often doubt my techniques—worrying that I am not giving my students the absolute best opportunity to learn and a quality education. But, I found myself grappling

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A ‘Cognitive Surplus’ in the Bronx!

By Richard Lissemore|March 15, 2015|Reflection|2 comments

This week’s lesson in “Mapping The Futures” involved the complex topic known as “student-centered pedagogy”, an approach with which I have had no prior experience. Our colleagues Michelle, Hallie, and Danica did a rather incredible job of distilling this intense topic down to a few salient and understandable points. Of the three assigned readings, I decided to focus my momentary pedagogical energy on the revelatory ideas contained in “Project Classroom

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