Why do I learn?

By Patricia Mooteram|March 17, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

Education… behind this word is a powerful meaning that defines a process of receiving/giving organized instructions. Education requires a lot of hard work and it is definitely essential. Don’t get me wrong, It isn’t for everyone… some people enjoy it, others despises it. Without it, it is hard to know where you will stand throughout the rest of your life. As days go by, the world is getting much more

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By Matt M|March 17, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Option 3 ) Why do I learn? Hi. I guess throughout my life i always asked myself if school was always for me, and everyday I told myself .. nope. School in my opinion is something you have to have a drive for, Wake up early in the morning, get dress, do everything you have to do and still make it to school on time and than have to sit

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ACRL – Frameworks

By Shawnta Smith|March 17, 2015|Class Recap, Reflection|0 comments

When considering student-centered learning, and creating my statement of teaching philosophy, it makes sense to discuss the ACRL frameworks which is a hugely debated pedagogical framework which grows out of a belief that information literacy is an educational reform movement that will realize its potential only through a richer, more complex set of core ideas. ACRL – METRO Training The Association for College and Research Libraries or ACRL has released

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Teaching and Researching with Feeling

By Hilarie Ashton|March 17, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

The things I like best about myself as a teacher and the things I work to refine share a boundary: excitement. I move around the room, peeking into group work. I let my enthusiasm take over. I am not afraid to jump up and down. I yell when students say amazing things (which is often). It’s mostly a good, productive thing. It keeps my students (mostly) energized and interested. They

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My Educational Philosophy

By Maria Greene|March 17, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

Educational Philosophy Why do I teach? Simple. I enjoy the process of teaching and learning. I teach therefore I learn. To answer the following two questions, I must revisit and modify an educational philosophy I had written many years ago. What do you want your students to get out of your classes? How do you situate yourself in the classroom? Introduction: In a science classroom, one can be in congruence that

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Teaching Philosophy: A Thank-You Note to My Teachers

By Natalie Oshukany|March 17, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

As cliché as it sounds, I teach because education is undeniably empowering. I teach because I have been fortunate enough to have incredible mentors throughout my educational career—educators who have instilled in me a belief in the inherent value of intellectualization, in the absolute necessity of continual questioning, and in the inextricable relationship between thought and action. But none of these beliefs would hold if these educators had not also

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