Propaganda Pitches: More Adventures in Student-Centered Pedagogy

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|March 29, 2015|Reflection|3 comments

Last week I tried out another student-centered activity in my Roots class. All semester I have been attempting to transform many of my mini-lectures into activities where the students present the information to each other instead of me simply giving it to them. We have recently begun a unit on Greek and Roman government and political vocabulary and so I devised an activity called “propaganda pitches” in order to combine the

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What If Group Work Led to Papers and a Panel?

By Cathy Davidson|March 29, 2015|Reflection|4 comments

Over on Facebook, where I get a lot of my education on pedagogy, one of my former students posted a very modest comment about, as she was rushing to throw together a conference paper at the last minute, frantic to come up with something, she realized the universe was whispering that she should have empathy for your students who are in that situation all the time.  There is always a

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