Blog Assignment #2

By Alex Zhu|March 31, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Option #2 In Kovalty memoir she got in detail about the conditions people were suffering through when they are in the holocaust. Today we have learned about the past and what the holocaust is all about. Genocide was a big part of the history we learned about the death of Jews. “Often an old, half starved pensioner would sneak through the streetsunder fire to bring us a loaf of bread”

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GC Wellness Center Resources

By Katina|March 31, 2015|Of interest|0 comments

Hello everyone, While we’re focusing on life circumstances that affect the students we teach, it’s also important not to neglect our own wellbeing. The Wellness Center offers terrific resources to GC students, including student health and counseling services. On April 15 from 10:45am–12:15pm, the Wellness Center will hold a workshop on Imposter Syndrome, including strategies to combat it. Details and registration are available here.