Option 1

By Leon Yaroslavskiy|April 1, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Option 1 I  have  learned  that from Under a Cruel Star so far that Heda Margolius  Kovaly   sparked my interest and something that i didn’t know life was hard and difficult to live in the 1950’s during the Czechoslovakia War under the Communist rule. And how the Communist party played its role . I also learned that In the  page 59 it discuss the  Heda  brought  the  application  to  be

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Relevant History

By Liana Bissoondial|April 1, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

As we all know, the memoir, Under a Cruel Star took place in Czechoslovakia. At the time Czechoslovak’s were experiencing massive amounts of racism and discrimination. People who followed the Jewish religion were hated, put to death, arrested, tortured, and taken advantage of. Heda took us back into time and showed us what life was like as a struggling Czechoslovak woman. If you think about it, we can almost relate

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Happy I Had a Rubric

By MichelleG|April 1, 2015|Class Recap, Mapping, Of interest, Reflection|2 comments

When our Mapping the Futures class focused on Assessment, group one asked us to implement or create a rubric for our classes. My initial reaction was not positive–I’ve used rubrics before and have found the short language neglects many of the complex dimensions I want to address. In my mind, I could only provide the necessary feedback with nuanced explanations and in my version of student friendly language. I am

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By Patricia Mooteram|April 1, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Throughout history, I’ve learned about the holocaust. If you personally asked me to define it, I would tell you that is was a long affair of anti-Semitism; It was mainly based on Hitler using the Jews as a scapegoat for Germany’s economic issues, using the German’s only for harshness and resentment due to Hitler feeling as if the German’s betraying them and one day he’d make them pay, and when

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option 2) Anti- Semitism, a timeless historical feature, unfortunately.

By Rivka Bondar|April 1, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

What is Anti- Semitism? Anti- Semitism is a discrimination, prejudice or hostility against Jews. Anti- Semitism is a timeless historical feature, it has been going on for many generations and will continue to go on. We see it happen twice in the book “Under the Cruel Star” by Heda Margolius Kovaly. We first see Anti- Semitism when random party members were arrested. Heda tells Rudolph “Doesn`t it seem strange to

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Teaching and Time-Keeping

By Hallie Scott|April 1, 2015|Class Recap, Reflection|0 comments

This post was inspired in part by Natalie Oshukany’s excellent blog post from last week (On Watching the Clock: Student-Centered Review Session) which begins: “Despite my best efforts, I ran straight into one of the major concerns our class discussed regarding implementing student-centered learning in the classroom: time.” After leading two Mapping the Futures classes on student-centered pedagogy and one very student-centered midterm review in my undergrad art history class,

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