Left Coast for Teachers Workshop

By Hallie Scott|April 15, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|2 comments

Libby Black, “Protest”, 2012, Oil on canvas, 8 x 6 inches. Hi all, Next week I am going to be leading a workshop on using political art as a teaching tool in conjunction with Left Coast: California Political Art at The James Gallery. I will be using many of the strategies that we have been discussing and practicing within the context of the exhibition! Left Coast for Teachers Apr 22,

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Roots “Midterm Formative Assessment” Survey Results

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|April 15, 2015|Reflection|4 comments

Before spring break I gave my Roots students a Midterm Formative Assessment Survey. Below is a summary of their answers. The results of this survey bring to light many of the issues that arise when learning leaves the classroom and falls into the unstructured category of “homework” and “self-study.” In addition, students have both favorable and not-so-favorable responses to many of the student-centered activities I have tried out this semester which have taken the forms of

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Education in the Age of Adjunctification

By Ryan Donovan|April 15, 2015|Class Recap, Reflection|1 comments

Yesterday’s class session with John Mogalescu, Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs at CUNY, was really wonderful, inspiring, and a bit troubling, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The undeniably astounding results that the ASAP program is having truly prove that institutional change is possible and must happen for higher ed to change. And yes, sometimes this change comes from the top down which nobody likes, but when “the way

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