Upcoming Intellectual Publics Event with Saidiya Hartman and Ann Cvetkovich

By Danica Savonick|April 20, 2015|Events of Interest, Of interest|1 comments

Hi all, Just wanted to post about an upcoming event hosted by the new Intellectual Publics initiative, which promises to be outstanding. Ann Cvetkovich’s Depression, like Eve Sedgwick’s A Dialogue on Love, was, for me, a crucial guide for navigating the emotional impasses and obstacles of graduate education and intellectual life–a much needed alternative perspective to Gregory Colon Semenza’s Graduate Study for the Twenty-First Century: How to Build an Academic Career in the Humanities. This semester,

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Metawriting: collaborative assessment

By Hilarie Ashton|April 20, 2015|Of interest, Reflection|0 comments

Hi all, I follow Deanna Mascle’s Metawriting blog, and I found something that resonates with Group Two’s presentation. Mascle is a doctoral candidate at Morehead State, and she reflects really interestingly on, in her words,  “writing pedagogy, agency and efficacy, and teaching with technology.” She recently wrote a piece on collaborative assessment that I loved. The part that grabbed me the most was her articulation of how, exactly, she goes

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Two Summaries: Innovation and Higher Ed and State of Humanities

By Cathy Davidson|April 20, 2015|Of interest, Reflection|0 comments

Two interesting summaries: American Academy of Arts and Sciences on the Humanities in higher education:  http://www.ecampusnews.com/top-news/humanities-higher-education-742/2/ Learning from five unique university innovation incubators and institutional changes required to get them to scale: http://www.ecampusnews.com/top-news/innovation-buzzword-practice-311/2/    We should certainly be featured as innovative!