Feedback Request and Conference Plug!

Dear all,

Here is the link to a handout that Rachel, Evan and I plan to incorporate into our panel, “Life Barriers and Ethics: Structuring Equality in the Classroom,” at the upcoming Purposeful Pedagogy conference at the GC on May 1:

We’ve submitted it for the conference booklet, but we’d appreciate any feedback on it so that we might update it for the panel itself! Alternatively, we welcome feedback and suggestions in general.

-Is there anything we did in our class sessions that you think should or shouldn’t be incorporated into our conference session?

-Do you have any suggestions for the “Additional Reading” bibliography we plan to distribute?

Also, here’s the link to register for the conference itself:



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  1. The handout is terrific—a really clear presentation of information, implications, and suggested approaches. I hope the session goes really well! I hear that is has generated a lot of interest already.

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