“Invisible” Bodies and Presentations via Hologram

By Hilarie Ashton|April 27, 2015|Reflection|2 comments

Hi all, In light of all of our wonderful (continuing!) discussions about affect and embodiment in the classroom, I thought folks might be interested in this. The study, published in Scientific Reports, shows that: “Using clever camera angles, virtual goggles and physical caresses, a team of researchers was able to make people feel as if they had an invisible body. Furthermore, feeling invisible reduced the anxiety brought on by standing

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Salutations from Roots at Hunter!

By Irene Morrison-Moncure|April 27, 2015|Class Recap, Reflection|0 comments

Today our Greek and Latin Roots class learned the Latin word salus, salutis meaning “health, well-being, greeting” from where English gets the word salutations! So SALVETE OMNES (hello everyone!)