Mapping the Future Scholars of Freshman Composition II @ Kingsborough College

Kingsborough offers an interdisciplinary freshman course designed to introduce incoming college students to general university studies. Freshman Composition at Kingsborough is a two part sequential course. In our second level course, we have been discussing truth and evidence, which has led them to their final papers, which will be a research paper based on a topic and research question they are interested in learning more about.

This is a map that marks two Freshman Comp sections at KCC. Kingsborough is not the easiest campus to get to, as there is no direct Subway station closer than one mile away. We pinned our neighborhoods to show how far we travel to study at Kingsborough. Within each marker is a blurb describing their research question or interest, what evidence, data or research they expect to find, and one thing they want you all to know about KCC students, or about themselves individually.

As a result, we are a group interested in a wide array of topics and questions, diverse pinning icons and a distance between all of our personal lives and homes., but we unite at Kingsborough College, where I believe they have all grown and will grow tremendously.



  1. thank you for allowing me to join here, thanks to the admin,, this is a blog that can add to my knowledge

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