Educational equality and racial integration

By Katina|August 6, 2015|Reflection|1 comments

Educational equality is on my mind constantly these days—it’s a central tenet of our mission at the Futures Initiative and a core value for CUNY. Even though we focus on higher education, the role of K-12 public schools looms large. SAT scores are a great indication not of aptitude or achievement, but of average family income. The experiences that kids have in public schools affect whether they go to college, graduate, and

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Getting Started, Part 3: The Syllabus

By Cathy Davidson|August 6, 2015|Pedagogy Guide|3 comments

[Cross-posted from HASTAC] Part One: How Do I Get Started? A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing a Student-Centered Classroom Part I Part Two: It’s All About You Part Three: The Syllabus Part Four: Students Part Five: Collectively Writing a Constitution Part Six: Contract Grading and Peer Review   It takes a lot of confidence to trust your students. In this third entry in the series on how to get started with student-centered

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