A World Void of Our Critical Actions: The Humanities

By Allison|October 29, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Last Thursday at the “Teaching Humanities as a Survival Skill” in the Futures Initiative’s University Worth Fighting for Series, we discussed among many things, how the humanities provides a space for human reflection. If I might add, I would also argue that the humanities also offers an expression of critical systemic observation and to that end, the possibility of other worlds outside the racist and uneven hegemonic. As someone who comes out

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GC Digital Initiatives Fall 2015 Speaker Series

By Kalle Westerling|October 28, 2015|Events of Interest|0 comments

The GC Digital Initiatives recently announced their Fall 2015 Speaker Series, and all of us Fellows will surely be coming to a lot of those events, and we think you should join us for them. Read more about them and RSVP via the links below. “TBD:” A Talk by Wendy Chun Wednesday, November 18th, 6:30-8:30pm. The Skylight Room. The Graduate Center. Increasingly, it would seem, the future is already known,

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Congratulations to FI Teaching Fellow, Irene Morrison-Moncure

By Lisa|October 26, 2015|Announcements|0 comments

Congratulations to Futures Initiative Teaching Fellow Irene Morrison-Moncure! A Classics PhD student who teaches at Hunter College, she recently received the Adelade Hahn Scholarship from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States for study at the prestigious American Academy in Rome this summer. Morrison-Moncure is also a MAGNET Fellow with the Office of Educational Opportunity and Diversity at the Graduate Center.

Creating Communities of Emotional Development and Learning

By Mike Rifino|October 26, 2015|Uncategorized|0 comments

The JED foundation, in partnership for Drug-Free Kids and The Jordan Porco Foundation released the results of its national survey, which discovered, among other conclusions that “…emotional preparedness – defined…as the ability to take care of oneself, adapt to new environments, control negative emotions or behavior and build positive relationships – is a major factor to students’ success during their first year at college.” Also, the majority of the US

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Recap: Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill

By Lisa|October 22, 2015|Event Recap|1 comments

Working together with the GC Teaching and Learning Center, and LaGuardia Community College, this session of The University Worth Fighting for was convened by:   Cathy N. Davidson, Director, The Futures Initiative and Co-Director, The Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Eduardo Vianna, Professor, Psychology, LaGuardia Community College and one of our Futures Initiative Faculty Fellows Mike Rifino, doctoral student, Human Development, and Futures

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Recap: Peer Mentoring and Student-Centered Learning

By Kalle Westerling|October 20, 2015|Event Recap|1 comments

On September 24, 2015, our second installment of the University Worth Fighting For series took place, facilitated by Kandice Chuh (GC Professor of English and one of our Faculty Fellows) and Hilarie Ashton (GC English PhD student, instructor at Queens College, and FI Graduate Mentor). The conversation started with introductory remarks from Chuh, who related the conversations about classrooms to the much larger setting of cultural inequality, contemporary issues of

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$3.15 M Mellon Grant Focusing on the Humanities, Community Colleges, and Next Generation Graduate Training

By Cathy Davidson|October 20, 2015|Announcements, Reflection|2 comments

We at the Futures Initiative and HASTAC are deeply honored to be part of a visionary $3.1 million Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant dedicated to humanities education at the nation’s community colleges and introductory humanities education for the “new majority” of college students entering universities in the U.S. today. Beginning in fall 2016, the Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance will place 27 Graduate Center doctoral students at LaGuardia Community College,

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2015-2016 Futures Initiative Research Projects Update

By Michael Dorsch|October 19, 2015|Reflection|0 comments

Diversity and equity in higher education are foundational pillars of the Futures Initiative’s mission. Last year, we carried out research projects that began to look at equity specifically in the case of the City University of New York with the CUNY Maps of New York, one of which looked at race and ethnicity of students enrolled at CUNY campuses and compared those with the race and ethnicity makeup of the

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