Self-Evaluating a First Semester of Technologically Teaching Speech

By Kalle Westerling|January 15, 2016|student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

As we started the Mapping the Futures of Higher Education “experiment” last semester, there were so many productive conversations happening around critical thoughts about technology, ideas for student-centered learning exercises, and models for collaboration in and beyond the classroom. However, I felt somewhat disconnected from the conversations we were having during the sessions and the reflections in between—all because I wasn’t teaching a class. The ideas discussed every week were

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A Course Worth Fighting For

By Danica Savonick|January 15, 2016|Uncategorized|0 comments

Earlier this year, I was assigned to teach a literary history course for students in the English major at Queens College. I was told that the course should emphasize literary history as a methodological approach to English literary studies, and was given certain parameters for the course: while it shouldn’t aim to be comprehensive (impossible, given that it is only a semester long), it had to devote some time to

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