“Edge Tools in a Digital World”: March 8

SSRCThe Social Science Research Council, in partnership with the New York Public Library, is launching a three-part series of events titled, “Edge Tools in a Digital World” featuring John Seely Brown, Yochai Benkler, and David Krakauer, among other amazing contributors in the digital and media worlds. With a focus on complexity and design, these conversations seek to underscore creative approaches that might advance understandings and guide action in this increasingly stressed planet. Closely aligned with the SSRC’s program on Digital Culture, which explores how digital transformations are reshaping scholarly knowledge, the first event will be held on March 8 is from 5pm to 7pm in the NYPL’s Trustee’s Room, Bryant Park, 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. To RSVP, please contact Kate Grantz at grantz@ssrc.org.


  1. Please attach slides to your videos.

    1. Hi Ran,

      As much as is possible we do try to have slides visible on our videos, or link to slides that are put online. We can try to track slides down for you — feel free to email me directly LTagliaferri [at] gradcenter [dot] cuny [dot] edu

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