Closing the Tech Gender Gap: #WiTNY

By Cathy Davidson|March 31, 2016|Announcements|0 comments

It has been very exciting to watch the unveiling of an important new program, Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York (WitNY).  This partnership between CUNY (City University of New York), Cornell Tech and Verizon strives to increase the number of young women studying and working in technology.  The percentage of women now graduating with technology degrees is less than 1%.  That’s intolerable. HASTAC, the Futures Initiative, FemTechNet and

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American Literature, American Learning Recap 3/30

By Danica Savonick|March 30, 2016|Class Recap|0 comments

Games & Active Learning/Formative Assessment Assignments Readings “Active Learning Techniques for the Classroom” “A Sample of Formative Assessment Techniques” Gallagher, Kristen. “Teaching Freire and CUNY Open Admissions.” Radical Teacher 87.1 (2010): 55-67. Gee, James Paul. 2007. Semiotic Domains. Is Playing Video Games a “Waste of Time”? What Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Lantz, Frank. Zimmerman, Frank. 1999. Rules, Play, Culture: Towards an Aesthetics of Games approx.

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HASTAC 2016 – Early Registration Ends March 25

By Katina|March 25, 2016|Announcements|0 comments

HASTAC 2016 May 11-15, 2016 | Tempe, AZ | #HASTAC16 Impact: Variation, Innovation, Action Striving for Impact: How can interdisciplinary research in humanities, arts, and technology have greater exchange with public and non-academic communities? HASTAC’s 2016 conference seeks to emphasize and encourage broader conversations about the past, current, and potential impact of interdisciplinary work in research and education. What new institutional or research configurations are available, or urgently necessary?

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How to Prepare the Most Effective Conference Presentations: A Futures Initiative Discussion

By Michael Dorsch|March 23, 2016|Reflection|0 comments

We’ve all as graduate students and academic professionals struggled through the rituals and anxiety of preparing for conference presentations. While the traditional conference panel format of panelists reading their paper is slowly being revolutionized for more interactive and engaging formats, it can often time be difficult to navigate how to prepare for a conference presentation when the format may be in the traditional conference presentation style of panelists reading through

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Apr 14: Teaching as Social Justice

By Mike Rifino|March 23, 2016|FI Events|3 comments

Thursday, April 14 | 1 PM to 2 PM EDT | | #fight4edu |#teach4justice | RSVP Details WHERE: The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue Room: 9204-9205 WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM EDT CONTACT INFO: futuresinitiative [at]; (212) 817-7201 Description How can teaching address the unequal distribution of resources, wealth, privilege, and opportunity along axes of race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability? Join us at the Graduate Center on Thursday, April 14 from 1-2pm

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OutReachy Mentor/Internship: May 23-Aug 23

By Allison|March 21, 2016|Events of Interest, Of interest|0 comments

Interested in software freedom, mentoring and interning for in a free open source software initiative? The outreachy internship will allow you to use your programing, documenting and/or design skils to work with an experienced mentor. According to their website, “Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. We [They] provide a supportive community for beginning to contribute any time throughout the year and offer focused

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American Literature, American Learning Recap 3/16

By Danica Savonick|March 18, 2016|Class Recap|0 comments

American Literature, American Learning Wednesday, March 16 Syllabus Housekeeping 6:30- 6:45 Announcements? NO CLASS NEXT WEEK, Wednesday follows a Friday schedule Upcoming events? Thursday March 17 is the deadline to sign the early strike authorization pledge for PSC. Luke Elliot-Negri sent out an email with more details, but the gist is that this is a chance to show Cuomo that we are a united group willing to strike to protect

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Design Principles

By Kalle Westerling|March 17, 2016|Reflection|0 comments

On February 24, I led an internal workshop at The Futures Initiative on Design Principles, where I tried to capture both some fundamental principles for design in general, but also how to use our internal branded materials. We are using certain fonts, certain colors, and graphic elements, and I wanted to make sure to incorporate that into the slides that we went through. The slides have been made available below. Design principles

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Kandice Chuh Elected President of the American Studies Association

By Danica Savonick|March 15, 2016|Uncategorized|0 comments

Congratulations to Kandice Chuh, who was recently elected President of the American Studies Association! Read the full list of newly-elected officials here. Professor Chuh, who co-taught one of the fall 2015 Futures Initiative courses, “Encountering Cuba,” with Professor Sujatha Fernandes, has generously granted us permission to repost her statement from the American Studies Association election booklet. The statement offers a gorgeous meditation on the contemporary possibilities for education in a moment of widespread injustice and

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