American Literature, American Learning Recap 3/9

By Danica Savonick|March 10, 2016|Class Recap|0 comments

American Literature, American Learning Wednesday, March 9 “[we must] try to help entering students discover a new relationship to learning. The most thoughtfully prepared, witty or provocative lecture cannot do this… the first needs of our freshman are for something else—for a kind of classroom in which students find themselves having to learn for themselves, and to teach each other, more than they have ever been asked to do. The

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On Building a Community in the Classroom

By Ryan Donovan|March 10, 2016|Pedagogy Guide, Peer mentoring, Reflection, student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

This blog is a reflection on implementing strategies and tools I learned as a student in the inaugural course offered by the Futures Initiative in Spring 2015 at The Graduate Center/CUNY. Though my students gave me permission to write about their experiences, I have intentionally obscured any identifying details.   In the second week of the semester, my students were assigned to give introductory speeches to the class. As this is

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