How to Edit Menus

By Michelle Renee Morales|March 13, 2017|Tech Tip|0 comments

This tutorial will walk through how to edit your site’s Menu.

How to Edit Menus

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5 Easy Steps

Basic Information

  • The site Menu outlines the structure for your site. It is extremely important because it determines how users will navigate the content of your site.
  • The Menu can be used to highlight the most important components of your site.
  • Some possible Menu items include:
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Events
    • Custom links
    • Categories
  • This tutorial will walk you through, first how to create a Menu and then how to add an item to the Menu.

Step 1: First, check to see whether or not your site already has a Menu, which will usually appear in the Header, Footer, or Sidebar areas. In this example site, there is no existing Menu, so we will first need to create one.

Step 2: Go to your dashboard, hover over Appearance and then click on Menu.

Step 3: On the Menu page, you will enter a Menu Name and click Create Menu.

 Step 4:  Once you click on Create Menu, you should see your new Menu appear. Now we can begin creating the Menu’s structure.  Let’s add a page to the Menu by checking off the Sample Page box and clicking Add to Menu.

Step 5: We should see the new Menu item appear under the Menu Structure like shown below. You can continue to add/remove/edit Menu items as your site gains more content. Lastly, do NOT forget to click Save Menu, to save any changes you have made.

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