Pedagogy Day 2017: Futures Initiative Total Participation Workshop

By Jessica Murray|November 6, 2017|Event Recap, Pedagogy Guide, student-centered pedagogy|0 comments

On Friday, October 27, 2017, my colleague Mike Rifino and I led a Total Participation Workshop as part of Pedagogy Day. Twenty participants engaged in an experiment to see what we could accomplish by using technology as a tool for collaboration and co-constructing knowledge among faculty and graduate student teachers to create a WordPress site in less than an hour. At the beginning, we were all a little nervous. After all, technology is a blessing when it works right, and a curse when the unexpected crops up, particularly when time is limited and there are varying levels of expertise. The result was inspiring; not only did the workshop exceed my own expectations, but we also left with a permanent resource that can be referenced and possibly expanded on in the future. Read the entire event recap on the website that participants of the Total Participation Workshop created.

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